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Arturo Perez Jr. Arturo Perez Jr.

Arturo Perez Jr.

Arturo Perez Jr. lives and shoots in the moment. He gives his all when dedicated to a project and his enthusiasm is infectious. In conversation he is as excited to tell you a story, as he is to listen to yours. This transfers into his directing work with an innate understanding of storytelling. His aim is to always reveal a human truth and under his direction the performers deliver honest and natural dialogue. His comedy is youthful, smart and modern. A writer and director, he was chosen by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as one of the top ten up-and-coming directors in the United States and was invited to take part in HBO's Project Greenlight 2015. Arturo was born in Mexico City, spent his early years in Ottawa, Canada, received his BA from University of Texas at Austin, and worked agency side at Swirl in San Francisco before becoming a director. If not writing, pitching, in production or shooting in LA, he is in Merida, Mexico, holed up writing his next film project (between bouts of eating panuchos and running on the treadmill to burn off panuchos!)